1 simple tip to set you up for success

I have 1 simple thing to improve your relationship for food. This message is for any women who has even a mildly disordered relationship with food. When I say that, I don’t mean you have an intense eating disorder that causes you to be hospitalized. Disordered simply means a little off.

So this would be for someone who chronically, or occasionally, binge eats, overeats, calorie restricts, eats late at night or hides in closet to eat, or any other eating behavior in your life that doesn’t serve you as best as it could. This is for you. (Which in my experience is most women at some point or another.)

Here’s one thing you can do to set yourself up for success in eating every day: Eat breakfast.

There are a lot of women who go on a diet or want to restrict their calories in some way and so they decide to cut out breakfast. That way they will be left with a chunk of calories they didn’t eat that they could use later in the day.

Mathematically, that works. If calories were indeed a math equation, and if our bodies were a closed system, that would work! For some people, that does work! If you are that woman and skipping breakfast does work for you, great. You keep on skipping breakfast.

If you find yourself later in the afternoon craving junk food and sweets, or if after dinner you pull out the ice cream or whatever because you’re hungry and dissatisfied, stop. This may be a message from your body that says you’re not getting enough calories and you need to eat more.

In that case, I encourage women I work with to eat breakfast. I’m a big believer in breakfast because I love breakfast! When I eat breakfast, I am giving my body first thing in the morning the nutrition that it needs.

Scientifically, your body is going to burn whatever you eat at breakfast. It’s going to use what you eat in the morning throughout the day for fuel. That is not true of foods you eat at night. During sleep your body is either digesting food, or restoring and rebuilding tissues. At night time, your body needs to go into restoring mode and not be stuck in the process of digesting food.

But if you’re eating that food in the first 1/3rd of your day, your body is going to use that, I promise! And you will have more energy throughout the day.

So the 3 components of a good breakfast for me – it’s like my holy trinity of healthy breakfast: 1. Protein 2. Healthy fat 3. Fiber. For me, that really sets me up for the day.

90% of the time, my breakfast is a smoothie! It’s quick, easy, and delicious, and it gives me all those things I need. I find that when I am eating a good breakfast and my body is having its nutritional needs met early in the day, I am not seeking out junk food later in the day like I would if I wasn’t eating breakfast.

If you want to skip a meal, I would encourage you to skip dinner. Play with it and see what works for you! If you have been chronically skipping breakfast, try eating breakfast! Even eating something small can really get your digestion going, get your metabolism going. Then you’re able to actually slow down and give your body rest at night time when your body wants and needs to be resting.

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