Life is hard. Food shouldn’t be.


If you are a woman and you’ve so much as been alive for the past several years, you will most certainly have come across some sort of diet and health advice. Maybe you’ve tried a program, purchased a book, joined a fitness bootcamp, read a blog post, or done a Google search on “how to lose weight” or “diets that work.” If you have a pulse, chances are pretty high you’re being exposed to a constant barrage of ads and ideas for how to improve your body, eat better, lose weight, and look good.

So why in the world would I want to throw my hat in the ring? What made me decide that despite all the chaos and noise of nutritionists and personal trainers and experts marketing this and that and the other program, that I still had something to say? What makes me different? Why am I even here? And that’s what I want to tell you today. I want to tell you my WHY.


Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas {Simply Healthy Series, Part 2)

Let’s talk about breakfast. Particularly quick, easy, healthy breakfasts.

I’m a breakfast lover. As you know, most days, I drink a smoothie for breakfast. Winter or summer, I just love smoothies. But my kids don’t love smoothies (weirdos), and there are the occasional days when I want to save my smoothie for lunch and have something else for breakfast. Plus, I get asked all the time for good, healthy, quick & easy breakfast ideas–so here you go!

Cold cereal is a popular option, but if you pay close attention to your body you might find (as I did) that cereal doesn’t satisfy or keep you full for very long. Plus it’s usually unnecessarily high in added refined sugar, which isn’t the best breakfast food ingredient. So ditch the cereal (or keep it as a snack or dessert if you really love it!) and try these options instead!

The key components to a good, nutritious breakfast are protein, healthy fat, and fiber from complex carbs. This will help to keep you satiated, keep your blood sugar balanced, give you energy and a positive mood, and help your digestion keep humming along.

I made a free e-book for you with my favorite easy, healthy breakfast recipes called The Eat Happy Guide to Better Breakfast. Grab your copy here!

Now as far as ingredients, here are a few of my favorite breakfast foods!


Green Smoothie Prep Guide {Simply Healthy Series, Part 1}


I mean I really, really love them. Like, a lot. In the beginning of my Instagram account, my husband voiced his concern that ALL I was posting were smoothies, and did I really want to categorize myself as The Smoothie Girl?

And although there is more to me than my daily smoothie (I hope?), I do drink a smoothie basically every single day. I just think they are the best food in the world. You can throw tons of goodness in there, get all the nutrients you need for a meal, and still often feel like you’re drinking a healthy milkshake. They are totally my favorite food. And though my smoothies look different from week to week, this week I think I hit the smoothie jackpot. Allow me to explain.


Make healthy eating simple!

What do you picture when you think of eating healthy? You might think about what someone’s kitchen would look like–stocked with superfood ingredients, with not a lot of junk food on hand. Maybe you imagine a grocery list or shopping cart filled with vegetables. You might picture measuring, tracking, or counting your food. Or maybe[…]