Ditch the Dieting Part 1: What is dieting?

This week I’ll be talking about dieting and why all women should stop dieting forever! Today, part 1 is laying the foundation and defining what dieting actually means.

When I say dieting, what I mean is not necessarily the behavior that you’re doing, but the reasons behind why you’re doing it.

I had a college professor who always said that there are two ways to do anything. So if you’re sharing a cookie with a friend, you can do it grudgingly or you can do it happily. There’s two ways to do anything but it all comes down to what’s in your heart.

The same thing goes for dieting.

Dieting, to me, is restricting yourself and changing the way you eat from a place of self-hatred and shame about your body. Two people could be engaging in the exact same behavior and one could be dieting and one could not be, in my book. Dieting is just where you’re coming from in your heart.

Today is Monday. Probably more women are starting a new diet than any other day of the week. Statistically, there are millions of women in America are starting a new diet today because maybe they overindulged over the weekend and they looked in the mirror and felt gross, fat, hate.

So they started a new diet today where they cut out XYZ. Or maybe they’re counting calories. Or macros. Cutting out entire food groups. It could be lots of different nutritional behaviors. But the key and the basis that makes it dieting is “Ew, my body is gross.” Or “I hate my body”.

What we need to be doing instead of dieting is to be nutritional explorers.

Here’s what I mean by that: Think about a scientist who does an experiment. If they’re doing it right, they go into the experiment without any bias. They’re not thinking that they already know how it’s going to turn out. They should go into it with an open mind, follow the experiment and see what happens.

That is exactly how we should approach dieting. The foundation for why I don’t believe in dieting is because we hate ourselves, because we are grossed out by the way we look, so we want to crack down and change. We think we’ll do whatever diet so that we aren’t so gross anymore.

That thinking is toxic. It is harmful. It is a terrible, terrible way to feel about yourself! So this week we’ll be talking about how to explore and experiment with the way you eat without doing it from a place of self-hate.

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