Don’t Be Afraid of Discomfort

I was having a conversation today, talking with a client about eating rhythm. It brought up a thought that I wanted to talk about today.

A lot of times when we are making changes, especially in physical and nutritional things, we get uncomfortable. Often times that brings up fear.

Many of the things we know are good for us – exercise, eating vegetables, avoiding too much sugar, etc. feel uncomfortable. We don’t want to do them because they’re not fun. We may have an aversion to those kinds of things. Which can actually be for a good reason! One key thing that’s important is learning when discomfort is something to push past, and when to stop – a message that it’s wrong for you.

An example: Hunger. A lot of times, we go between meals and we get hungry, which is uncomfortable and think we need a snack because it’s bad to be hungry. We go into a place of fear because it’s bad to be hungry, or something. It makes us uncomfortable.

But sometimes there’s such a benefit to pushing our comfort level and see what will challenge us to go beyond what we’ve done before. Not that you want to have a marathon of not eating because it’s all in the name of balance.

Like if you are out of shape and you go for a run, it’s uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean you should never run again! You should keep working on it until it becomes more comfortable.

So my point for today is don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. Whether that means going longer without eating between meals. Or not snacking at night. Or eating a vegetable that you don’t normally eat. Like for me, I’m not a big salad lover, it’s not super comfortable. But if I get in the habit, it’s more comfortable and it’s fine.

I’m an advocate of never depriving yourself, treating yourself with kindness, but there’s the other side of that where you need to push yourself further. Simply because it’s good for you and your personal growth. Not in the name of weight loss or so you can fit into a certain pair of jeans. But because we are here on earth to grow as people, to keep progressing.

If we never get uncomfortable, we’ll never progress. We have to keep pushing the limit of what we’re capable in all aspects of our lives! Parenting, physical exercise, relationships, everything! We have to get a little uncomfortable so that we can grow, so don’t be afraid of discomfort!

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