How Mind-Body nutrition coaching is different

Good morning! I’ve had some questions about my coaching, so today I want to tell you about what’s different about me and my coaching style that you might not find other places.

First of all, you might know that I am a holistic nutritionist. I LOVE nutrition. I love and respect the science of nutrition, and I have a pretty extensive background of studying nutrition. I love it! The problem with nutrition, and particularly the word nutrition, is that it carries a stigma. When you hear the word “nutrition” you might think “kale salad…and deprivation”. Or something equally dismal.

You probably don’t think “nutrition…peace and joy…butterflies and flowers”. So my mission is to change how women feel about nutrition! To take away that negative stigma from that word, and turn nutrition into something fun, and positive, and happy.

I’m an Eating Psychology coach, and one way I like to describe my style is “mind-body nutrition”. Obviously, nutrition is in the title there – it’s a big part of what I do. If you work with me, we will definitely take a bit of time to work on your diet and your nutrition to find how we can improve it, step it up, and make it work for you.

That’s probably a third of what I do, so yes food is important. Food is not going to save us, though. There is so much more that comes to the table than what we eat! My mentor Marc David always says “Nutrition is only half the story, who we are as eaters is the other half”. He doesn’t say it in those exact words but that’s where I got the idea and I love it!

We eat what we eat for lots of different reasons! Who we are as people massively influences our food choices and the reasoning behind our food choices. So in my coaching practice, yes I will work on diet. That’s a big part of it.

But I will also take into account who they are as eaters, as a person. I will not just give you a meal plan, never tell you what you should eat, or when or why. I will give you the reasons, and it is up to you to make the choice.

One thing that is different working with me is that while it asks a lot of me as a coach, it asks a LOT of you as the person setting these goals. Depending on your goals, whether they be weight loss, or to improve digestion or mood, to stop binge eating, to get over chronic dieting…there’s lots of goals we could set together and areas we can work in.

The level you put in as far as commitment and effort is what you’ll get out of it. This is true of a lot of coaching programs, especially with mind-body nutrition; it depends so much on the person being committed and also taking responsibility for their own health.

So that’s the nutrition part of it, but the “mind-body” part. That’s kind of all the rest of the puzzle that a lot of nutritionists and dieticians leave out. It’s not all about your diet. It’s a lot more about your stress levels and factors that are influencing your metabolism: your relationships, your marriage, your children, where you live, work life, the pace of your life, how fast or slow you eat your food (whatever that food is), meal timing, etc. There is so much more that goes into mind-body nutrition coaching than just nutrition.

When I say I want to take the guilt and stress out of health, I am so serious. I want this to be fun, and eating should be a happy, joyful experience! We should LOVE eating every single meal! It should bring us a lot of satisfaction and pleasure, never guilt or deprivation or sadness, sitting there eating that kale salad while wishing we could be eating a box of donuts!

I don’t believe in deprivation, I don’t believe in shame. I want to teach women how to love the body they’re in and how to treat it the best way they can, then move forward in their lives with more peace and happiness with who they are.

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