Intro to Meditation for Absolute Beginners: Part 2

In my last post I introduced meditation for total beginners, and this post is a continuation of that. So if you missed that, check it out first! Yesterday’s post was two of the very basic intro techniques to break into meditation (firstly bringing the power of your mind into your body by focusing on that body part and secondly breathing into that body part), and today we will be going a little deeper.

If I were to ask you one part of your body that you hate, you wish was different, or that you try/want to change, I would bet that like 90% of you would say your stomach or your belly. I think that’s pretty normal for us, especially for those women who have had children. Usually there’s a pretty high level of dissatisfaction with our stomachs and how they look.

We don’t like how they’re soft or lumpy or saggy and we want them to be flat and hard and we are mad at them. We kind of cut off from that part of ourselves.

The problem with that is that it grows into this big mental, negative energy current directed at yourself or a part of yourself.

Our belly is our core, though! It’s the center of our physical body. There are so many biological things going on there: all our vital organs, digestion, etc. We also have a lot of emotional processes (butterflies in your stomach, etc.) that go on there.

So when we have that negativity about our stomachs, when we’re throwing darts at ourselves, it can really compound and turn into a mental amputation where we don’t acknowledge that part of ourselves and we pretend it’s not there.

But that can cause a lot of problems, actually. It can lead to poor physical digestion and other physical problems because of that emotional root problem.

So using this practice of meditation directed at your belly is a great way to bring your belly back to being a part of you.

Let’s take what we learned from yesterday, here. You want to find a place where you can lay down, preferably at night or a time when you are really calm and can really focus. Lay down and think into your belly. How does it feel? Is there any tightness? Are there temperature differences? Are you achy anywhere?

Think about how your stomach feels, and then breathe into it. You can feel your belly rise and fall. It helps to put your hand on your stomach to really make that connection and feel with your hand what your stomach is doing.

You might not love the way that it feels, your first instinct when you put your hand on your stomach might be something negative. Try to let those thoughts flow out of your mind. Sit there and simply be with your belly.

This is incredibly powerful, and it has changed for me how I feel about my belly, and overall how I feel in my whole body. Our stomachs are so vital and important, we need to send them some love and send some positive energy down there! Let it be a part of who we are and accept it for what it is.

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