Make Your Sugar Worth It

This time of year is hard for healthy eating. There’s all this candy… and it goes Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas boom boom boom…three good excuses to eat a lot of junk food. I don’t advocate doing a sugar detox this time of year because I think it’s hard, and there are a lot of traditions associated with these holidays. Like who wants to go through Thanksgiving without a piece of pie? I don’t.

One thing that is helpful for trying to moderate your intake of sugar this time of year is to just ask yourself if it’s worth it. If it’s a stale, old Reese’s from your kid’s pumpkin, it’s probably not worth it. If it’s a homemade pumpkin cake that someone brought to a party, maybe it’s worth it.

Just gauge – will this make me feel amazing and really happy that I ate it? Or will I wish I hadn’t eaten it because it wasn’t worth it?

Decide if it’s going to be worth it – if it’s junk candy it probably won’t be worth it versus a homemade dessert that may well be worth it. Then if you decide it is worth it and you will eat it, take 5 bites or however many bites, and enjoy those bites and stop and put it down.

Don’t tell yourself “I can’t have this!” You can have it, just have a little bit. Play with that moderation balance because it’s different for everyone. But really, the more you eat, the less satisfaction you find. Scientifically, that’s how your brain works.

So eat a bite, or two, or three, then stop for a bit. Then if you really, really, really want more, have another couple of bites and stop and evaluate. Then you don’t have to be that weirdo who doesn’t eat pie on Thanksgiving or candy on Halloween, just have a little bit, and then call it good.

So that’s my simple sugar tip for the day so you can enjoy the holiday season!

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