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Today we’re going to talk more about macronutrients. You’ve probably heard of macronutrients – it’s kind of the buzzword in the dieting world. If you’re confused about “counting your macros”, let me explain.

Counting your macros is keeping track of your protein, your fat, and your carbohydrate intake. This is different from old dieting methods where you count your calories. That’s an important difference because where your calories come from is much more important than the number of calories you’re eating in a day.

Let me preface this by saying: I’m not a huge proponent of women getting obsessive about tracking their food. If you want to try tracking your macros, please approach it from a spirit of experimentation rather than “I hate my body and I really need to lose weight”. I also have a good recommendation for a great macro coach if you’re interested in getting more into hitting your macros every day. I don’t do health coaching like that, I’m more of an intuitive coach. Counting macros isn’t for everyone, but it is a very popular method, and very effective. I’ve done it myself!

This is very personalized and it has to be, because your ideal macros are based on a lot of things: your body fat percentage, height, weight, age, etc. so I can’t just spit out a number for you. You can go onto a website called (If It Fits Your Macros .com) and plug in some information and it can give you your ideal macros. Also “The Regimen” app can give you that information.

Basically what you do is very mathematical, and ideally you plan our your day of eating in advance. You figure out how many grams of protein you need in a day, and then divide that between breakfast, lunch, and dinner and plan it out like that. It’s very exact – you measure your food down to the gram. People have it down to a science!

It’s very enlightening to try this method simply to learn what you’re already doing! And then if you decide to make changes, consider what you like for your diet. You may find, like I have, that you like a higher fat diet. You may find you’re eating too many carbs or too much protein! Try it out and see what works for you.

Again, if you do this, approach it from a good healthy place. A lot of women are stuck in the mindset of “if I could just find someone to tell me what to do then I would be happy” and I don’t believe that! I believe women need to tune into their bodies more and understand not necessarily the science of what you eat, but the spiritual and intuitive aspect of what you eat. That is just as important! Give macro tracking a try and see what you think!

(My macronutrient coach recommendation is my friend Amber! You can find her on Instagram @biceps.after.babies )

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