My Word for 2017

Although I’ve thought about it lots, I’ve never actually gone through the process of choosing a word for a year. There were always too many good options and I just couldn’t narrow it down enough to choose ONE WORD. I mean, how about all those other great words that would be neglected? How could I halt my personal development in all those other areas? It made me have anxiety.

But this year was different. I started thinking at the beginning of December that I wanted to choose a word for 2017. I started evaluating my life of 2016 and seeing where I wanted to improve, change, or keep on going. And then, around mid-December, I read the book Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. I LOVED it. Books like that are my jam. And I knew that my word for the year would be something along the lines of creating better habits.

I kept reading books and thinking and listening and noticing my life. On the first day of the new year, I sat in church thinking about it again, and the clarity came to me. There were so many areas to improve in, so many words I had considered. Love. Simplify. Kindness. All great words. But what I felt drawn to improve was my choices–in everything. In how I spoke to my family members. In how I made purchasing decisions. In how I managed my business, social media, friendships, and my time each day. It all came down to choices, and I wanted to


choose better.


So no, I didn’t choose ONE WORD for 2017–I chose 2. Already in the 6 days of this year, those words have echoed in my head and been a powerful force for me. What should I eat for lunch? Choose better. What time should I go to bed and wake up in the morning? Choose better. When should I fold this basket of laundry? Choose better. In every decision, all day long, I have a choice–to be my best self, or not. This mantra “Choose better” reminds me of who I want to become and which direction I want to go, every single day.

This year is not about reaching huge milestones for me. (That was SO last year. 😉 ) My focus is on the accumulation of small, but significant, choices that will give me a happier life. Remaining conscious and aware of the little things gives me confidence and power to direct my life in the ways that are most important to me.

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