Reclaiming the power of the feminine in a masculine world

Today I want to talk about something that I love and am super passionate about. It may be new to some of you, or it may be a reminder.

First of all, to lay some ground work, there is a big difference – more than physical – between men and women. As women we were born with a feminine energy. I don’t even want to call it personality because all women are different. But there is a distinct feminine energy that is different from a masculine energy. And that’s a beautiful, wonderful thing! I love it, and I want to help women embrace that feminine energy.

So when it comes to nutrition and weight loss, we, in our modern world, have approached those things (nutrition and weight loss) in a very masculine way. What does that mean? What does “masculine” look like in the world of weight loss and health?

These will look very familiar to you! A reliance on numbers and scales and weight and measurements. A nutrient amount. Hitting your macros. Counting and restricting your calories. Lifting weight. Building muscle and burning fat. The scientific. The proof, and knowing that programs work. Intense exercise – even punishment exercise. Food restriction. “Mind over body”. “No pain, no gain”. Masculine energy would measure your success by numbers – if your body fat percentage went down or your muscle gains went up. In the masculine world, setting and meeting goals is the most important thing.

Those are the normal ways people try to lose weight. Which is great! I’m not saying those are bad things, they work for a lot of people.

The problem is that we have way too much of that masculine energy and we have completely neglected the feminine side. In fact, we’ve neglected it so much that this might all sound crazy – you may think that those are the ONLY ways to lose weight.

What would the Feminine approach look like?

When you’re in touch with the feminine, you’re more concerned with nourishment over nutrition. You’re in tune with the pleasure of eating, rather than counting calories. Accepting mystery and uncertainty rather than having facts and proof. Accepting the flow of your appetite rather than trying to regulate yourself on a strict meal plan. Leaning towards natural rather than synthetic – eating real food over processed whey protein powder. (That’s not a bad food! It’s just a masculine food and I’m trying to present a different approach.) Cooking is a feminine practice instead of premade meals. Fat over muscle – feminine accepts body fat! We don’t have to fight the fat. Body wisdom is more important than book knowledge. Self-love is more important than meeting that goal.

As you can see, they are polar opposites! Both are really good. The problem is when we over-emphasize that masculine and neglect the feminine, it leaves a lot of women in a horrible relationship with food and their body.

Women have a unique relationship with food. You probably have noticed this – you have probably realized that you and your husband are different with food, or you may have even noticed this between your sons and daughters. As those masculine and feminine qualities develop, they diverge into a different relationship with food.

I want to help women learn to accept and embrace this femininity! Until we embrace that more feminine approach to food and nutrition as women, we’re going to continue to suffer from guilt and shame, and obsession over food and body. When we continue to approach health and weight loss with only those masculine qualities, it might be a losing battle for a lot of us.

So if that resonates with you, I would love to work with you! I love nutrition, and I want to help women learn how to reclaim that feminine power. It is powerful, and can lead to a happier, healthier life.

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