The first thing you should do to start loving your body

I was having a conversation with a friend this morning, and she was saying that she feels (and I feel similarly – do you?) that a lot of the conversation we have together as women involves a lot of negative self-talk.

We are constantly talking about what diet we’re doing, how disgusting we look/feel, how we really need to start trying harder or go on a diet because we look so terrible in this.

Even when someone gives us a compliment, our first instinct is to reject it and say “oh no, I don’t look good”. We’re culturally conditioned to talk negatively about ourselves.

So the one thing that really changed my world (though I’m not perfect at it yet, but I want to be) and want for you, is to be a woman who stands out in that you refuse to engage in negative conversation about yourself.

Negative self-talk is like a virus that invades your brain, maybe more than you are even aware of. Even when you say something as a joke or in passing, that adds up. It compounds into a big mental, emotional burden and really results in negative feelings towards yourself.

Of course none of us have a perfect body (and if you do, you should be teaching this, not me!), but it’s not necessary to have a perfect body to love yourself. Your body is an amazing gift no matter what it looks like. What we look like does not define our worth!

We need to be standing up for ourselves and accepting our amazingness! Not that we need to go around bragging about ourselves, but when the conversation in your group of friends turns to dieting or talk that is pulling you down, choose to disengage, whether you change the subject or walk away.

Negative self-talk is like drinking poison. It really is, and you don’t need that in your life. I think it makes a huge difference, even just those small little things in social situations in refusing to engage in negative self-talk goes a long way.

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