What Does It Mean to Eat Happy?

Today I want to talk about what it means to eat happy. I called my nutrition business “Eat Happy”, so what do I mean by that? I mean three things: 1. Eat in a state of happiness, or to eat when you’re happy. 2. Eat happily. 3. Eat foods that make you happy.

So first, eat in a happy state. Basically, when we eat in a state of stress, like eating fast, or I get stressed when I eat with my kids sometimes, it totally counteracts a lot of other good things we do – like eating healthy, nutritious food. We can eat really healthy, nutritious food but if we eat it fast and are stressed, it’s not really doing us a lot of good. I’ll talk a lot about this because I’m super passionate about it!

Second, eat happily. Food is your friend! It sounds super hippy, but I mean it! We as women are, and have been, at war with our bodies and at war with food and it’s time to stop! I just want to be this voice of reason and encourage women to not see food as the enemy, as this horrible thing that is making me fat and disgusting, but food is your friend. And food can love you back.

Thirdly, eat foods that make you happy. I’m a holistic nutritionist and I have a lot of scientific/clinical nutrition knowledge. But my main takeaway from all of my learning is that there’s no perfect diet! There’s no such thing. And even if there was, we should not expect perfection of ourselves. We need to stop treating nutrition as the end-all, be-all goal of our lives. That might sound strange for a nutritionist to say, to let go of nutrition perfection, but that’s what I’m saying. And I think we’ll all be happier for it in the end.

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