Life is hard. Food shouldn’t be.


If you are a woman and you’ve so much as been alive for the past several years, you will most certainly have come across some sort of diet and health advice. Maybe you’ve tried a program, purchased a book, joined a fitness bootcamp, read a blog post, or done a Google search on “how to lose weight” or “diets that work.” If you have a pulse, chances are pretty high you’re being exposed to a constant barrage of ads and ideas for how to improve your body, eat better, lose weight, and look good.

So why in the world would I want to throw my hat in the ring? What made me decide that despite all the chaos and noise of nutritionists and personal trainers and experts marketing this and that and the other program, that I still had something to say? What makes me different? Why am I even here? And that’s what I want to tell you today. I want to tell you my WHY.

You know I love food. I love healthy food. I love teaching people how to eat healthier, giving recipe ideas and tips for making a healthy lifestyle simpler—but that’s not what I was born to do. There are PLENTY of other people out there doing a fine job of giving you that information.

My Purpose: NUMBER ONE

What I was born to do – what gets me up in the morning excited for another day behind my computer screen – is to be the person who tells you that you’re just fine as you are. Because you’re probably not getting that message.

Buried in all the ads and programs and advice is the idea that you are not good enough as you are. Too fat. Not strong enough. Too lazy. Not motivated enough.

Those messages are LIES.

So my first reason for putting myself out here on the world of the internet is to tell you that IT’S OKAY. You don’t need to change or lose weight or get stronger in order to be a valuable, loveable, miraculous human being worthy of love and respect.

Do I want you to eat a healthy balance of macronutrients and move your body every day? Absolutely, I do.

But I don’t want you laboring under the illusion that those are the reasons I started this business. I want you to recognize your own awesomeness and stop believing that you have to change in order to be your true self. Don’t put off your happiness until some future day when you’ll magically have it all together. Love yourself now, exactly as you are. You deserve your own love and respect!

That brings me to my next reason.

My Purpose: NUMBER TWO

What I’m interested in learning, and helping you learn, is the reasons behind why you’re not living the life you want to live, on your own.

You have all the information and know-how and tips you could ever possibly need, plus about a trillion more. There is more information on how to live a healthy life than you could ever hope to consume. Knowing HOW to live well isn’t the problem.

It’s knowing WHY that matters.

Why do you feel compelled to change and improve before you accept and love yourself as you are?

Why do you choose foods that make you feel guilty and ashamed, and why don’t you pay attention to the way your body feels?

Why do you stay sitting down all day instead of moving your body in a way that makes you feel good?

Why do you look at yourself in the mirror and hate the body you see, but can’t find it in you to do anything differently?

Why do you throw all your focus and energy into dieting for a little while, and then go right back to your old ways?

Your WHY is my WHY.

That’s why I’m here. To help you find the answers to those questions and giving you hope that you can become the woman you were born to be.

To help you step out of the limiting beliefs about yourself, to understand that you have a greater purpose on earth than reaching your goal weight or fitting into a certain size by a certain day.

To help you stop worrying so darn much about how you look and what other people think of your body, and to focus instead on taking incredible care of yourself.

To help you understand how to make food choices from a place of trust and intuition, not rules and fear.

To go deeper than just meal planning and macro counting.

I was born to help you take the guilt and stress out of nutrition and health.

Life is hard. Food shouldn’t be.

That means I will distinctly NOT add more guilt and stress to your life through unsustainable diets and workout programs—you will never see those from me. Not because they are bad, but because I don’t believe the world needs another one of them and I don’t think they will lead to lasting happiness in your own skin.

So I will always be here for you whenever you have questions about how to get your kids to eat, or some quick easy recipes, or what oil is best to cook with, or some tips on living a healthy lifestyle. I will always be here as a resource for you and happy to answer any and all of your questions.

But what I will also continue doing here, day after day, is not selling nutrition, but giving you hope. Hope that you can live a balanced, happy, amazing life without letting your body image, your weight, or your food choices control you.

I will put YOU in the driver’s seat, not me—because you are the expert on your own body. Somewhere inside you is the woman you are longing to become. Someone who is free from food issues and self-hatred. Someone who knows what to eat, and how much and when to eat it. You don’t need me or anyone else bossing you around. I’m just here to help you start listening to your own wisdom.

I want to guide you in learning what a healthy lifestyle looks like, for you. Not for me or for anyone else. Nobody lives your exact life, with your exact town, home, children, and personality. So your own healthy lifestyle is unique to you! You can find inspiration and examples from me and other people, but ultimately it’s up to you to craft and build a healthy lifestyle that works for you and that you can live with every day for the rest of your life. (Chances are, never eating bread again isn’t a viable possibility, am I right?)

So if you are stressed and worried about what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat, or how to get yourself to stop eating, I invite you to join me. Choose a better way. Choose a happier, more relaxed, peaceful, and fulfilled life. Reject the idea that your worth as a human being is based on your weight or your outward appearance. Dig deeper to find what emotions are driving your behavior and preventing you from making the changes you want to make. Decide today to live the life you want to live and be the person you want to be. Let me show you a better way. Let’s eat happy!

Happy eating!


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