Why You’re Not Losing Weight: Part 5

I have given lots of tips and information this week in my reasons you might not be losing weight. And they are true and important. But these things I’ve said are nothing new—you can find them anywhere. There is information and facts on how to improve your health ALL over the place. We have absolute information overload everywhere, and particularly in the area of how to be healthy. So why do so many people have food and health challenges in spite of SO many experts and expert advice? It’s because information and facts are not enough. Information is not what will save us. Science and medicine and nutrition, even, will not heal us. So what will?

What I believe the missing piece is from all of this is our spirit. The theme of my final video in this series on Why You’re Not Losing Weight is spiritual disconnect. Our problem is not that we are overweight or depressed or sedentary or stressed or that we don’t get enough sleep or that we eat synthetic foods. Those things are all SYMPTOMS. Symptoms of the real, underlying problem, which is a separation of the mind, body, and spirit.

I wholeheartedly believe that our bodies were created to house our spirits. Anything that affects our physical body also affects our spiritual body. And the opposite is also true—our spiritual well-being directly impacts the health of our physical body. My mentor Marc David says that “the body lives downstream from the soul.”

We can learn information and facts about how to be healthy until we’re blue in the face—and many of us have. And yet, most of us are still stuck doing what we’ve always done, even though we “know better.” Why is this? It’s because learning how to care for your physical body is ultimately a spiritual practice. We are spiritual beings, born with divinity within us. The secret to lasting physical change is to remember who we really are—children of God—and to learn how to reclaim that divinity. It’s not just about eating your vegetables or lifting weights. It’s about learning from the Source how to best care for this sacred physical body we’ve been given.

Problems with food and body are calling us into spiritual unity, into wholeness—with ourselves and with God. It starts with asking questions deep inside ourselves—questions like, “What is my obsession with food or weight really about? What’s underneath this? What am I avoiding by focusing on my weight? What is my true purpose and mission in life?” Like I said before, love is the only power that can bring about lasting change. And when we are learning how to care for ourselves, mentally, physically, and emotionally, it all has to come from a place of love. Shame and embarrassment and self-hate are absolutely not the path to healing or change, but unfortunately that is the way the world teaches us to try to change. The way to truly change, in any way, is through love. And the way to learn how to love is to go to the source of all love and ask for guidance. This is true for whatever your religion or faith system is—we must admit our dependence on a Higher Power, whatever that is for you—and turn there for help instead of from outside sources.

There is no book or program or bootcamp or coach that is as powerful as you are in the changing of your own body. All the answers as to what you should do are already inside you, in your divine body wisdom. My job as a coach is not to give you the answers, but to help you learn how to hear them. Underneath all the chatter and the chaos of the health and wellness industry, and underneath your own difficult emotions, lies the truth of who you are. Everything you are seeking is already within you—you just have to learn how to be still and quiet with yourself to be able to tap into your own power.

So in the end, weight loss and physical self-improvement is a deep, life-changing process. It will not be quick and easy—in fact, it will probably be a long, challenging road that requires a lot of introspection, courage, and self-awareness. But that’s what we’re here on earth to learn! That’s part of the challenge of mortality—not just to live a good life and die, but to learn how to bring our body and soul into alignment with the divine wisdom that will guide us. And the reward is so much greater than confidence, or a smaller figure, or even better health. The reward is peace, harmony, and contentment in who you are as a daughter of God—and there is nothing better than that.

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