You don’t need another expert telling you what to do

You don’t need another expert telling you what to do. You might think this is ironic because I’m here spouting off every day about different health and nutrition, posing as this “expert”, telling you what to do. But let me tell you what I’m actually trying to do:

First of all, I want to tell you I have 5 sisters and 2 sisters-in law who are the most amazing women in the world. I love them all so much, and they are kind of like my sounding board as I develop this business. So I kind of run everything by them (they are probably super sick of it), asking them what they think about this or that, or if they would please hop on to my live videos!

I asked them a few days ago about my e-course I’m working on (launching in January!), and asked them what ideas they have that they would like to learn about through my class. I got a couple great responses, but one in particular really stuck out to me from my sister Cami (hi Cami!) and has had me thinking ever since.

She said she wanted “practical ways to eat better, maybe recipes. There’s lots of ways to go overboard with food prep and crazy meals that take forever, all in the name of health, but I don’t stick to any of it Followed by the emoji of the monkey putting his hands over his face.

I thought that was a great idea, and it got me thinking of what I am actually here to do.

I don’t want to be just another voice telling you what you should do and how you should live. I feel like it is cacophony of all these people – dieticians, nutritionists, fitness professionals, doctors, blah blah blah, of people telling you how you should live, how you should be, eat, exercise, and what to do.

We, in our good intentions, think that if we just go to these people and do what they say, then we will be our true selves and be happy. But like Cami said, we don’t stick to it.

When I think of sticking to something, I think of those little sticky toys that my kids get from the prize box at the dentist, where you throw it at the wall and it kind of sticks for a second, and then it falls off. That’s how I think of us sticking to things.

The problem is, we’re not supposed to stick to things. Things are supposed to stick to us.

The only value that can come from all that information out there is if it resonates with you and you internalize it. So what we need is to get out of our heads, get out of all the should’s and should not’s, and dive down into our body. Our bodies are trying to speak to us, and we have this disconnect between our heads and our bodies and our heads can’t get in there to listen and so we search frantically for the new thing! We’re searching for the next expert to tell us what to do and how to live.

Yes, I do get on here and I give ideas, I give tips and good reminders of things you probably already know: you need enough sleep, you need to be up and moving, etc. If I ever give a tip it’s simply to be a reminder.

What is my mission and purpose in life is to be a voice for your own voice. I want to help you cut all the junk that you hear in the world, cut all the rules. You don’t need more rules, you don’t need people telling you what to do. You need to tune all that out, put on your earplugs, and get inside. Get your mind into your body.

That sounds kind of scary, hippy, crazy, and how do you do that? You already do this in a lot of ways. You are already in tune with your body in ways you might not realize or call body wisdom.

For example, when I eat pineapple my tongue tingles. When I recognize that, that’s body wisdom. I recently talked about burpees; I am tuning in with body wisdom when I know that I hate burpees and they don’t make me feel good. I have one sister (I’m talking a lot about my sisters today!) who, if she doesn’t get enough sleep for like 3 days in a row, she gets a sore throat. BOOM. That’s body wisdom!

Those little tiny examples are your mind connecting to your body. So you already have that maybe small connection! What we need to do is strengthen that.

Here’s an easy place to start, though there are so many ways to do this. This is how I started getting in touch with body wisdom:

When I lay down in my bed at night, I scan my body, physically with my mind. It’s actually a meditation technique! You may think “wow, meditation, sounds so hippy and incense and weird”. Meditation just means calming your mind and getting down in your body, which is where you want to be!

So when I lay down in bed, I mentally scan my body. I start with my face, and I scan all the muscles, thinking about them and noticing them. I think about where I’m holding any tension (I tend to hold a lot of tension in my upper neck), so at night I just let it go. I let my shoulders go. Then I go down my body and do the same thing.

It’s a great way to fall asleep, it’s a great way to relax – you can do it in the middle of the day! This is an easy little way to get in touch with your body. There are lots of ways and I have other ideas, which is what I’m here to teach you about!

The main purpose that I have in getting on here every day is not to be another person telling you what to do and how to live because I’m so educated and I know everything you should do. That is absolutely not why I’m here and if that’s what you feel from me, feel free to leave.

What I’m here to do is help you listen to your own self. Make the things that you hear work for you! You don’t need complicated recipes and meal plans that give you guilt over not being able to stick to them. You need to find a way to care for your body the best way you can that works for your life where you are today.

If you have young kids like my sisters, that will look very different from 15 years from now. It’s a constantly evolving and changing process, and that’s okay! What’s right for you today might not be right a year from now. That is the beauty of body wisdom! You will always know what’s right for you – what you should eat, how you should move, how you should sleep – you will know all that once you’re in touch with your body.

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