You+Water=BFF: Part 2

Yesterday I introduced this series and gave a bit of the science behind why water is so important to our bodies, and today is the first tip! This is actually the most important one too: Drink water first thing in the morning. Right when you wake up.

When you’re sleeping, your conscious brain is turned off, but your body is still working really hard to get things done! So when you wake up, you are often dehydrated. It’s easy to forget throughout the day to drink enough water, but it helps to just drink a big glass (the bigger the better!) of water right when you wake up.

When I first started building this habit, I hated drinking water in the morning because of how it tasted…or the lack of taste. If you’re like I was, just start with 8 or 10 sips of water. Then work from there and build up the volume. Now I try to get closer to like a Mason jar size.

Depending on if I’m traveling or whatever, this is a really easy thing to do every day. You can put a sticky note on your mirror to remind you, some people I know put water on their night stands so that when they turn off their alarm the water is just right there.

It’s an easy easy thing to do, but it really sets you up for the day. It establishes a good hydration level for the day and it’s not as big of a deal if you aren’t drinking so much the rest of the morning. You’ll definitely want to be drinking again by the afternoon, and of course drink as much as you can, but if you forget you’re okay because you’ve been drinking first thing before you eat anything, thus replenishing your body’s systems with the water they need.

Super simple thing, but really helpful. It’s made a big difference for me and it can help you with your skin, digestion, etc. and is just a super good habit to establish!

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