You+Water=BFF: Part 3

Water really is your best friend (hence the title of this video series…cheesy I know). Yesterday my tip was to drink water first thing in the morning. Today my tip is for drinking water throughout the day a little more easily. This will help you not snack too often. The tip is: when you think you’re hungry, have a drink of water first.

Often times we will think we are hungry but we are actually thirsty. Our brains are calling for water, but sometimes we mix up the signals. If we think we’re hungry, chances are we’re actually thirsty. If you feel like you’re snacky (mid-morning, afternoon, or after dinner are common times to be snacky), drink a full cup of water and wait 15 minutes, and if you’re still hungry then eat something because you know you’re actually hungry.

That’s a super simple tip that can help you stay hydrated and prevent you from snacking too much!

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