Monday Morning Weigh-Ins

Yesterday was Monday, and if you are like thousands, maybe millions of other American women, you may have woken up yesterday morning and hopped on the scale. I know this is pretty common; I used to do this myself. I thought it would be a pretty good way to keep myself accountable over the weekend to hop on the scale and see what I was worth that day.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with weighing yourself! I would love to know in the comments if you weigh yourself, if you use a scale, and how often you weigh yourself. I used to weigh myself every Monday. And if I woke up on a Thursday or whatever other day and was feeling particularly good and skinny, I would weigh myself. I would get a thrill seeing a good number and thinking “I knew I was skinnier! Yes!”

Again, there’s nothing wrong with weighing yourself. But the problem comes with how we approach it. It’s almost like a disease or an illness in our minds! We decide, as women, when we step up on that scale, that whatever happens on the scale, we are giving it control. We wake up and whether we feel skinny or fat we get up on the scale and basically say to that little digital device: “Here you go, scale. Here’s my power. I’m giving you complete control over whether I’m going to be happy or sad.”


Let’s say you get up there and the number goes up. Even if it’s only .2 pounds. Automatically you see that bigger number and it’s just a catastrophe! You think “UGH I am such a horrible person! I hate myself! Why did I eat those brownies yesterday?? If only I had more self-control! I’m not going to eat anymore sugar!” And then you start a new diet that day.

We give our power over to the scale. Even if the number goes down! Whether the number goes up or down, we let that dumb little scale dictate how we feel about ourselves. But there’s a better way to live!

You don’t even have to weigh yourself.

Honestly, I don’t advocate anyone weighing themselves! Because if you are trying to lose weight, you will know when you have lost weight. You can feel it in how your pants fit, maybe you will notice your stomach is a little less bloated, maybe see a difference in your arms or your face. Let that be the marker instead of the number.

The number should not matter at all! It should hold no power.

The challenge for us is to grow bigger than those numbers to which we have given so much power in the past. Tell the scale, the number, yourself: “I don’t need this. I am bigger than this. I don’t need this number to dictate my self-worth or my shame in myself.”

You don’t need the scale in your life! What you need is to listen to your body and see how you feel. Do you feel like you maybe overdid it? Do you feel like you maybe ate too many brownies, like I did, last night? Do I feel good? How does my skin look? How did I sleep last night? There are so many way to gauge our progress other than our weight.

So I challenge you to not weigh yourself. See how long you can go! Put it away! Wrap it up in a plastic bag and put it in the back of your closet! Put it on a shelf in your garage! Smash it with a sledge hammer, run over it with your car, whatever you want! Do whatever you need to do to get the scale out of your life and take back your own power.

Stephanie Webb