The Formula for a Healthy Lunch

I am a stay-at-home mom (well, now a work-from-home mom) and something I've seen for myself and heard from others is that lunch is hard. I'd say most stay-at-home moms I know struggle with lunch. It's kind of an annoying meal, right? It's right in the middle of the day when you're probably getting stuff done or busy or not in the mood to spend a ton of time in the kitchen. You want something quick and pretty easy.

It's an easy meal to just grab a small snack and call it good...the problem with that is that you're hungry an hour later, and then you've set yourself up for an afternoon of grazing on unhealthy food.

I'm still not perfect at lunch (or at anything, really) but I've come a long way in understanding the importance of a good lunch in helping me feel good and staying in charge of my food decisions without losing control when faced with a bag of chips.

Like every other meal, I try to think about protein, healthy fat, and carbs, and this lunch is a pretty good example of meeting those requirements. It was incredible easy and quick - I washed the vegetables (green beans and cauliflower this time) and threw them on a pan with the frozen chicken sausage and baked them in the oven until they were done. (10 minutes or so?) Cut up some berries for a sweet side and I was good to go!


A good lunch doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. And it doesn't have to be salad. It just takes a little effort and planning (which obviously won't happen every day, but sometimes is better than never!) and it's SO worth it.

What are your favorite quick, easy, & healthy lunches?

Stephanie Webb