It's Okay!

Happy Tuesday, friends! This morning I woke up feeling a little...blah. Hormonal. Snappish. Grumpy.

Normally I wake up excited, happy, and eager to work. But sometimes (particularly a few days a month) I just don't. I have more food cravings, a bigger appetite, mood swings, and a bit of a gray cloud over my head.

This used to really stress me out. I thought if I could just eat right, my hormones would stay happily balanced every day of my life. If I just stayed in control, I'd be fine. But that only led to feeling more out of control. I felt like a speeding train, wanting to feel better but not knowing how, trying to push through, eating lots of sugar to comfort myself, and making it much worse.
So this morning, when I felt that familiar blah feeling, I decided to tune into what my body and I really need today. I decided that even though I feel out of control, I don't have to act out of control.

Here are a few things on my (slower) agenda for today: drink a warm cup of Crio Bru, go for a leisurely walk, listen to relaxing music while I work on the computer, feed myself nourishing foods (which will include a green juice and lots of dark chocolate), and take a soak in the tub. Heck, maybe I'll even rent myself a good movie to watch before my kids get home from school. 


Here's my point: Don't expect perfection of yourself, or even consistency every day in every thing. There are times as women when we need to slow down, be gentle with ourselves, and take a break from hustling. IT'S OKAY. You have permission to pamper yourself.
The monthly rhythm of femininity is a beautiful thing that deserves respect. Rather than dreading those days, surrender to the process. Allow yourself to release emotionally as well as physically, and find the beauty in this fundamental part of womanhood while taking extra good care of yourself.

How are you feeling today? How do you manage those days during the month when you have more emotional turmoil? If you need encouragement, let me know!

Stephanie Webb