Coaching Programs

You're feeling frustrated with food and your body.

You're not sure what to eat, and you're feeling stressed out with the desire to lose weight but not wanting to do yet another restrictive diet.

You're sick of feeling out of control, of being stuck in the dieting spin-cycle, and of being unhappy with the way you look and feel.

You haven't felt the same since having a baby, and you're longing for your old pre-pregnancy confidence.

You feel like you have a raging sugar addiction.

You want to feel confident in a swimsuit, or in a cute pair of jeans.

You are an emotional eater, and you don't know how to stop sabotaging your own good intentions for a healthy diet.

FRIEND, I KNOW exactly how you feel.

And I want to help you free yourself from all of that stress.

I'm here to guide you toward a joyful relationship with food and a love for the body you have.

If you're ready to learn how to eat happy, my coaching programs might be the perfect fit for you.


ONe-on-one Coaching

I coach women who are ready to try something different than dieting and who are willing to do the work to make deep and lasting changes to their relationship with food and the way they feel about their bodies.

This coaching will take place twice a month for a minimum of 3 months so we can really dive deep and make some lasting changes. Sessions are 55 minutes long (except for the first session, which is 80 minutes) and are done through video chat. This allows me to work with women all over the country without having to physically showing up for appointments. Bonus - you don't even have to get dressed! :) (If you live in San Antonio and are interested in having in-person coaching, please let me know!)

During the coaching process, we will cover diet and nutrition, exercise, weight, body image, emotional eating, and other challenges that contribute to stress around eating.

The cost for my one-on-one coaching program starts at $160 per month.

All individual coaching packages include 2 video sessions each month, emailed "homework assignments," access to my online course (Nourish), audio recordings of each session, worksheets and journaling exercises, an e-book of my favorite recipes, and text and email support between sessions. 

I offer a free 20-minute discovery call to anyone interested in coaching to explore our working together. I'd love to chat with you!



My new group coaching program is here!

The Sweet Freedom bootcamp is a 4-week live group coaching experience for women who want to break free from sugar addiction, heal their relationship with food, nourish themselves body and soul, and feel amazing in their own skin.

The next bootcamp will run from January 8 - February 2. 

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